June 28, 2017

2010 University of Minnesota Plant Breeding Symposium

Plant Breeding in the Genomics and Post-Genomics Era

March 15, 2010, Cargill Center for Microbial and Plant Genomics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul 


  • Dr. John Soper, Pioneer Hi-Bred International
  • Dr. Rex Bernardo, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Stephen Moose, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Robert Stupar, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Martin Arbelbide, Pioneer Hi-Bred International
  • Dr. Shawn Mansfield, University of British Columbia

Thanks to generous sponsorship from DuPont Pioneer, the graduate students of the Applied Plant Sciences graduate program have put on a plant breeding symposium each spring since 2008.


Student Organizing Committee:

  • Co-Chairs: Laci High and Jon Massman
  • Cristal Cisneros, Liana Nice, Emily Combs, Landon Ries, Adolar Freitag Jr., Chris Schaefer, Mikey Kantar, Brian Seda, Dhananjay Mani, Addie Thompson, Stephanie Navara